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Cardamom | Fragrance Oil


Cardamom | Fragrance Oil

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A true one note cardamom fragrance.


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Customer Reviews

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Trisha Renfrow
I love it

Beautiful fragrance and great cold throw and hot throw

Paul S.
very pleasant

I love this scent, I have been wanting a stand alone cardamom fo for a while now and this is a great execution of that. like when baking with cardamom, it’s not in your face. if you’re expecting a super spicy loud scent, it’s not this. what this scent is is an accurate portrayal of cardamom. it’s maybe a background scent, but you’ll always catch a whiff, it never gets lost or you forget you have a wax warmer going. I think this one works great as a stand alone, but also has tons of blending possibilities. I love blending, but as much as I do I ended up using all of my sample by itself. next time I will try blending with some scents. pear, apple, tea, lavender. lot of possibilities. if you love true spice scents, give it a try. if you want in your face I would go with a clove or cinnamon spice instead

Maggie Alexander
Fantastic Fragrance!

I blended Cardamom with Cardamom Milk fragrance oil and the result was amazing!
Love this oil!

Thom L
I like it!

This is a fantastic cardamom! In my opinion, it’s more of a blender oil than a stand-alone. This is not a chai latte kind of fragrance - it’s a TRUE, earthy cardamom essence.

It’s better in the wax

OOB this fragrance was very sharp and made me think more of black than green cardamom- I felt the opposite when I got it in wax. It is earthy and bites just like true cardamom- so happy to find the scent on its own for my own blends and by itself as well. I have not yet tried it in soap but will report back !