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Falooda (Discontinued)| Fragrance Oil


Falooda (Discontinued)| Fragrance Oil

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Falooda is an Indian dessert drink that’s a delicious creamy blend of rose syrup, chilled milk, vanilla ice cream topped off with crushed pistachio.


Velvet Rose Petals
Chilled Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream
Pistachio Drizzle
Candle Safe  Skin Safe  
Flashpoint > 200 °F
Phthalate Free
Contains Vanillin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great in Soap

This scent is very rosey to me but also has some sweetness to it. I used it in CP soap and it worked really great! It does accelerate a bit but not too fast that it instantly turns your batter to rock. However, you may not have time to do swirls and designs because you have to move fast in getting it into your molds. The vanillin will turn it a deep brown, too so don't expect a light colored soap or a soap with bright colors.

Tabatha L.
Love it.

I have never tried Falooda and could not pick out any individual notes, but all together this scent is a fun and happy scent. Not too sweet or fruity. It’s creamy with hint of sweetness, and a bit of tartness. I would never expect this was a good scent as I have never smelled Falooda. But I enjoy this scent. And the throw is 8/10

Robert P McDonald III
Falooda Dreams

The Falooda fragrance oil is an enchanting aroma that takes you on a delightful journey through the rich flavors of this classic dessert. With its sweet notes of rose syrup, vermicelli, and delicate hints of cardamom, it captures the essence of a refreshing falooda treat. Whether used in candles, bath products, or home fragrances, this captivating fragrance oil adds a touch of indulgence and transports you to a world of sweet serenity. Treat your senses to the exotic allure of Falooda and let its aromatic magic whisk you away!

Super fresh

This isn't overly sweet - It has a cool refreshing scent and throws really well. I love the different notes that remind me of real Falooda.

Another delight

This is the gourmand floral of my dreams, another classic DOOP fragrance that you just can't find anywhere else. I love it.