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Green Fig & Coconut | Fragrance Oil


Green Fig & Coconut | Fragrance Oil

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Dive into the sensory oasis of Green Fig & Coconut, a scent that marries the earthiness of fig leaves with the exotic allure of tropical coconut. This unique fragrance opens with the verdant freshness of fig leaves and ripe figs, evoking a sun-drenched orchard. A burst of juicy peach pulp adds a touch of sun-kissed sweetness. The heart reveals a creamy layer of coco milk, transporting you to a sandy tropical paradise. Finally, a grounding base of cedar wood adds depth and longevity, anchoring the fragrance in a rich, woody warmth.

Inspired by Overose Valkiria

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jasen Fisher
Truly Amazing

This FO right here… What else needs to be said? I tell you what, I wish I was the only one with the FO on the planet so I can have my own signature candle lol.
Very well blended, I’m a coconut lover and this has been one of my favorites of all time.

Ialexa Plascencia
Twist on a sweet fruit

This scent is wonderfully blended. You can smell the sweetness of the fig and the creaminess of the coconut. It is truly a delightful rich smell. It combines the earthiness and sweet notes of fruits with the tropical notes of coconut into a milky and cozy scent. It's one of our favorites.

Island Bliss in a Bottle

This is undeniably a beautiful scent. It was immediately a fav of mine when I first smelled it. The fusion of fig leaves and coconut milk together is nothing short of amazing! It's not overly sweet it's perfectly balanced. While I'm eagerly awaiting my candle to fully cure, I can already say the cold throw is impressive.


Beautiful, refreshing blend of fig and coconut. I just tested this in a lotion candle and it performed perfectly. Definitely a keeper if limits allow.