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Hibiscus Latte | Fragrance Oil


Hibiscus Latte | Fragrance Oil

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Size 2oz

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The sweet, floral aroma of red hibiscus flowers is blended with the gentle scent of crushed rose petals and whipped into creamy hot soy milk. The end result is a delicious and fragrant latte with a touch of sweetness.


Top Red Hibiscus Flowers
Middle Crushed Rose Petal Whirl
Bottom Creamy Soy Milk Froth

Candle Safe Yes
Skin Safe Yes
Flash Point
Phthalate Free Yes
Vanillin Free Yes
CA Prop 65 Compliant


IFRA Usage Rates Level/Limit
Candles - Cat 12 100%
Room Spray - Cat 10B 37.45%
Soap/Body Wash/Bath Bombs - Cat 9 5.93%
Body Lotion - Cat 5A 2.98%
Perfume - Cat 4 11.31%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smooth Tropical Floral

This is such a delightful scent. I used the word smooth because sometimes floral scents are just overpowering but not this one ….it is just the right scent notes blended perfectly together!

LaToya King
Great Scent

This is a great summer scent! I used this fragrance with another fragrance to bring out more of the Latte notes and it smells divine. Makes me want to hit up Starbucks😁


Love this scent


I never knew I liked Hisbiscus scents until I smelled this one and hibiscus tea. It's such a unique scent. I get refreshed and calm vibes. Sorta makes me feel like I just got done shopping all day, stopped in a bougie coffee shop with my rich friend in Calabasas, and planning our next vacation in the tropics lol Definitely a must-have!!

Paul S.
Super summer scent

*review copied from the fragrance oil community facebook group*

🕯Fragrance Oil Performance Review🧼
Fragrance Oil used in: wax melts
Fragrance name: hibiscus latte
Supplier name: doop
Hot throw (1-10): 9
Cold throw (1-10): 7
Fragrance appeal (1-10): 8
Warmer type/wattage: 24 watt hot plate
Amount of wax melted (for melts): 2 cubes
% of fragrance used: 12%
Wax type: 416
Cure time: 2 weeks
Approx room size (Feet x Feet): master bedroom
Shipping time to receive: couple days
Written review:
there is no doubt about it, this scent is pure summer. it’s very tropical smelling. while not in the notes I get a lot of tropical fruits. Imagine mango, guava some pineapple and papaya all mixed together with tropical florals. hibiscus, rose and a bit of plumeria all mixed together making the sort of thing you’d want to drink while on vacation in hawaii. the scent notes list white chocolate and hot soy milk and I can’t say that comes across. it could be it’s used in a low amount just to bring some of the sharpness down on the citrus fruits and sharp florals. either way, it’s really refreshing and you can def smell the quality in this one. highly recommend if you’re looking for something to add to your summer line up.