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Matcha Latte | Fragrance Oil


Matcha Latte | Fragrance Oil

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A hot cup of Matcha Latte made with a harmonious scent blend of earthy matcha green tea powder, frothy milk, and pure golden honey.

Candle Safe Yes
Skin Safe Yes
Flash Point
Phthalate Free Yes
Vanillin Free No
CA Prop 65 Not Compliant


IFRA Usage Rates Level/Limit
Candles - Cat 12 100%
Soap/Body Wash/Bath Bombs - Cat 9 10%
Body Lotion - Cat 5A 2.70%
Perfume - Cat 4 10.7%

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Customer Reviews

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thien phan
Exactly as a cup of matcha latte

My best seller. And it's so real. I can smell a beautiful note of green matcha powder and a little bit fat of milk. It's not over but strong enough to be long lasting in the room. No discoloration. I love it so much.

Maxym Filion
It smells great, but I dont really get the matcha notes :( more like a matcha desert imo!

This scent was so warm and good, I honestly really like it! I however feel it wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be on the matcha notes. This would be great for a matcha sweet scent, for example matcha macarons or matcha cake.

Great Matcha Scent!

This is a great scent if you're looking for a matcha/green tea fragrance oil.
Much more Matcha forward compared to the "Matcha Milk Tea", and slightly less milky but it does retain a certain sweetness to it.

Tested at 6% using 464, this oil produced a wonderful HT and CT.

Highly recommend!

Honey green tea

This is my favorite matcha fragrance from here. It's most like a drink! Green tea, frothy milk and lots of honey. It's not overly sweet, but very warm and inviting.

Paul S.
crazy good tea scent

🕯Fragrance Oil Performance Review🧼
Fragrance Oil used in: wax melts
Fragrance name: matcha latte (new version)
Supplier name: doop
Hot throw (1-10): 8
Cold throw (1-10): 8
Fragrance appeal (1-10): 10
Warmer type/wattage: 16 watt hot plate
Amount of wax melted (for melts): 2 cubes
% of fragrance used: 12%
Wax type: 454
Cure time: 12 hours 🙈🫣🤣
Approx room size: master bedroom
Shipping time to receive: few days
Written review:
i am a huge lover of tea scents and this one is incredible. doop recently came out with a new matcha latte and renamed the old one “matcha milk tea”. so far, I am leaning towards preferring this one. it’s exactly what it says it is. green, slightly bitter and green matcha powder mixed with the perfect mix of creamy milk. the scent notes list honey, but I don’t pick up any honey. it could be it offsets the bitterness of the crushed tea leaves, but I wouldn’t call this a sweet scent at all. it’s pure tea. I don’t get any floral notes. it’s calming, zen, spa, aromatherapy type scent. perfect for spring but would also really work well in the summer. I see this one working well in wax and body products and it’s definitely unisex.