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Rose Prick | Fragrance Oil


Rose Prick | Fragrance Oil

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Rose Prick opens with a tantalizing and unexpected combination of spicy sichuan pepper and aromatic turmeric. As the fragrance unfolds, the middle notes of sweet May rose, floral Bulgarian rose and earthy Turkish rose emerge, providing a well-rounded rose experience. The base notes of rich patchouli and sweet tonka bean anchor the scent and add complexity to the fragrance as a whole.

Inspired by Tom Ford’s Rose Prick


Customer Reviews

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newfound love for floral scents

Before discovering Doop, I never cared for floral scents. However, now I can confidently say that I adore floral scents. The rose element is subtle and not too strong, making it an ideal choice for bath and body products. I would definitely like to make perfume out of it.

Warm Rose

This is not your typical rose scent. This is a unique, fresh yet warm scent. Even though it’s a floral scent, the warm notes translates to a scent that can also be used in the Fall/Winter months. The spicy notes added another level of sophistication to this scent. A must try.

Paul S.
cozy comfy rose

🕯Fragrance Oil Performance Review🧼
Fragrance Oil used in: wax melts
Fragrance name: rose prick
Supplier name: doop
Hot throw (1-10): 8
Cold throw (1-10): 8
Fragrance appeal (1-10): 9
Warmer type/wattage: 16 watt hot plate
Amount of wax melted (for melts): 2 cubes
% of fragrance used: 12%
Wax type: 454
Cure time: 1 week
Approx room size: master bedroom
Shipping time to receive: couple days
Written review:
this is a dupe of the tom ford perfume. i have not smelled the original, but this smells just as luxurious as i’d expect it to. this is a very comforting rose scent. I don’t pick up any of the spicy notes, they are only adding to the complexity of the scent. it’s mostly all rose and tonka. I don’t find it overly sweet, so i’d you don’t like sweet scents don’t let that deter you. it’s more of a cashmere/musky sort of tonka. it really makes this a great cold weather rose scent. it reminds me of being wrapped in a cashmere throw drenched in rose absolute. it’s a very cozy scent. I made a perfume for personal use and really find it like wrapping myself in a favorite blanket. heads up, it did discolor quite a bit. I plan on making some soap with it soon and will go into it expecting discoloration with that as well, but the scent is such a unique take on rose that it’s well worth it to me. this is a rose scent for spring, fall and winter. I think the tonka will be a little much to pull off in 100 degree weather. if you’re looking for a rose scent that almost has a nostalgic vibe (not granny) this would be a great option.

Thom Lundy

This is a beautiful fragrance oil! A lot of focus has been put on rose lately, and the quality just keeps going up. This is no exception - it succeeds at elevating the rose note in complexity and depth. Bold florals are predicted to be trending this summer, and I fully plan on taking advantage of that! Highly recommended!

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