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Mumbai Nights | Fragrance Oil


Mumbai Nights | Fragrance Oil

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Mumbai Nights is an alluring scent that captures the captivating vibrancy of India's most populous city. It opens with top notes of floral incense and davana—a spicy Indian herb with sweet plum undertones. Leading to a heart composed of bitter coffee and sweet tonka beans. Base notes of agarwood, sandalwood, and labanum bring a deep richness to this olfactory collage. With its blend of smoky incense, sweet bitters and woody warmth, Mumbai Nights evokes the bustling energy and enchanting atmosphere of the colorful city at night.

Inspired by Byredo Mumbai Noise

Candle Safe Yes
Skin Safe No
Flash Point
Phthalate Free Yes
Vanillin Free Yea
CA Prop 65 Compliant
IFRA Usage Rates Level/Limit
Candles - Cat 12 100%
Room Spray - Cat 10B 0%
Soap/Body Wash/Bath Bombs - Cat 9 0%
Body Lotion - Cat 5A 0%
Perfume - Cat 4 0%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Smells really great!

This reminds me of the incense used in a Catholic Church but it’s got a nicer, cleaner hint to it. I can’t wait to try this out in a body wash or even a body butter!

Darlene F.

Mumbai Nights is definitely a sophisticated scent. I absolutely love this rich scent and made some beautiful diffusers with these. I will be adding this to my fall collection for candles. The spicy and complex notes are alluring. Now I have to try Taj Mahal. Doop Fragrances are AMAZING and on Point!!

Paul S.

updating to say I made some perfume for personal use. gave it to my partner. we went for a very long walk yesterday and I kept catching wiffs of this. it’s so good. nice and woody and masculine without smelling like cheap axe body spray. woody without being a harsh mahogany teakwood thing. at 15% it was very strong and lasted the full 2 hours in the hot sun

Paul S.
cp soap

I made some cp soap for personal use and am loving this one. prob my fav woodsy scent i’ve used in soap. it’s warm, resinous and woody. smells special and high class. soaped well. no a/s/r/d. bars are white after a month and a half is curing.

Jennifer Wahl

I wish I bought a bigger bottle. This is beautiful!