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Black Sesame | Fragrance Oil


Black Sesame | Fragrance Oil

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Black sesame has a distinct nutty and earthy aroma. It's often described as having a rich, toasty scent with hints of sweetness. The fragrance of black sesame can be quite pleasant and is commonly used in various culinary dishes, especially in Asian cuisine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shlandra ONeal
Brace yourself!

This one is definitely a scent that you will either love or hate. It’s probably the strongest oil I’ve ever smelled, so I know that I wouldn’t use it on its own. I instead used it in a blend at 1% usage, and it’s still STRONG! It gave me what I was going for so it’s definitely more bang for your buck.

Kristy Smith
Strong, but not for me

Oh man, this one isn't for me. I smelled this FO through the bottle, through the box, and in the air in my office cube. I thought someone had nuked a really bad lunch in the microwave. Nope. It was my box. My pretty lovely smelly box full of fragrance goodness. Ms. Smells Good was surrounded by the stench of unrefrigerated poorly prepped Asian food on steroids. The guy in the next cube had a tuna sandwich for lunch. It combined to create the smell of dumpster in a hot summer afternoon.

I'm apparently incredibly dumb or a masochist. I came home tonight and opened the bottle. OOB, it's even more potent. I recoiled from it--I've never done that with FO before. Don't get me wrong, I've sniffed things that made my eyes recede into my skull. This was different. I was dumb enough to take another sniff and want to gag.

It's strong. I'm sure that someone who had their sense of smell destroyed by COVID will love this. They'll use it and smell it all day. Too bad I can't let them do it to themselves. I can't do it. I'll never use this in anything. It's going to the chemical disposal dump. I'd only give this to someone I dislike, just to watch them gag.

Taste is subjective. Someone somewhere will love this. I will judge you negatively for it.

Paul S.
one of their most unique

this will not be a scent that is for everyone, but that’s okay! if you’re not adventurous start with a sample size on this one. this is also perhaps doop’s strongest fo. when I was blending wax melts with it I was gagging it was so dang strong. in product tho it calms down but is still super strong. it’s a nutty savory aroma that reminds me of bagels a little bit. scent faded faster than usual on my wax plate warmer, but that’s okay. I think this one would be a good blender