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Moroccan Rose | Fragrance Oil


Moroccan Rose | Fragrance Oil

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Imagine standing amidst the arid, sun-drenched dunes, and inhaling the fragrance of a Moroccan Rose. It's like a warm, romantic embrace from nature itself. The key notes of Bergamot add a citrusy brightness to the scent, reminiscent of the sun's gentle warmth on your skin. The Tea Rose brings forth a delicate, floral sweetness that feels like a whispered love song in the desert breeze. Finally, the underlying Amber notes infuse a subtle sensuality, akin to the golden sands beneath your feet, creating a scent that is both enchanting and evocative of the desert's mystique.

Inspired by Tree Hut’s Moroccan Rose


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marien Antionette Co
Nice Fragrance

I thought this fragrance would make a great addition to my collection. I can definitely see myself using it in candles and body care.

Smells exactly like Moroccan rose tree hut scub!!

If you’ve been looking for something that smells similar to the tree version, this is it! Smells identical to it!!

Paul S.
doop has the best rose scents!

this one delivers and is worthy of the hype! it’s the kind of rose scent for people who don’t like rose scents. accessible and a crowd pleaser it smells clean and youthful and pretty. would love this one in soap products but so far have only tested in wax melts.

Bridgette Norris
Fantastic in CP soap

I purchased this fragrance, because I was obsessed with Moroccan Rose from Tree Hut. OOB, this scent is spot on!! It is perfect!! I was delighted. I make CP soap, and the DOOP website does not test in CP, so I knew the soap would be an adventure. The IFRA information is available for the fragrance, and it is safe in soap at a much higher percentage than I use. I use about 6%. I have made the soap, and I am happy with it. The scent did accelerate slightly, but not terribly. I was able to do a swirled 3 color design. But note that I did not blend to trace before adding the fragrance. I barely emulsified the batter, preparing for what it may do. 3 weeks later, the scent is still very strong in the soap. I could have used a little less than I did, and it would have been fine. It has discolored the soap to a very dark brown, like chocolate; As good as it smells, I almost expected this to happen. A lot of the color is not showing anymore due to the dark discoloration. The sheet is not available to tell me the vanillin content, but I am sure it is high. Next time, I will use some stabilizer to help retain some color. Overall, I am very happy with the fragrance, and I can't wait to try it in bath bombs, lotions, and sugar scrubs. It is definitely a keeper! I wish DOOP would find some soap testers, so that we could have a little more detailed information on soap performance. Thank you for this awesome fragrance!!!!

Brandi Stallworth
Moroccan Rose

Smells amazing and JUST like the original if not better!