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Regal Spice | Fragrance Oil


Regal Spice | Fragrance Oil

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Regal Spice is a masculine and opulent fragrance. With head notes of Bergamot, Iris, and Lavender, it opens with refreshing elegance. The heart notes of Pink Peppercorn and Clove add a spicy allure. The base notes of Benzoin Absolut, Myrrh, and Patchouli create a powerful and sophisticated foundation. This fragrance exudes authority and confidence, leaving a lasting impression of regality.
 Inspired by Cire Trudon’s Olim

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shantae G.
What a surprise!

I almost threw this away when I first smelled it but I'm so glad I didn't! OOB was not what I was expecting but I put it in a plugin diffuser in my house to try to get a better feel for it and it evolved into a really nice masculine scent. I'm planning to include this scent in my line. It reminds me of a man whose presence speaks volumes without uttering a word. It has rugged masculinity and sophisticated charm at the same time. I like it!

Strong CT & impressive in a candle!

This scent is a warm, masculine scent. A sophisticated, older gentleman in an expensive suit kind of vibe, perhaps at a royal ball. I can easily see this used for a cologne. Don't judge this scent OOB. It hits you in the face and oddly reminds me of a cleaning solution smell lingering in the background. I almost dismissed it, but it really evolved into this beautiful impressive scent in the candle. I used 9% FO in CAC. This can easily be an overpowering scent. I will probably go down to 7-8% in my next tester. The cold throw is 20/10 and it has only cured for a few hours. Cannot wait to burn it and test the HT. Def. can see this being an AYR masculine scent in my candle line. Doop is always coming through with top-of-the-line unique scents.

Kimberly C.
I'm a Cire Trudon Fan!

Regal Spice is a scent that exudes opulence and warmth. With a blend of rich, exotic spices, it envelops your space in a royal tapestry of fragrance. It's a scent that evokes the grandeur of an ancient palace and the comfort of a sumptuous feast, creating an ambiance that's both regal and beguiling. This FO is in one of my Home Fragrance collections.