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Miami Rainstorm | Fragrance Oil


Miami Rainstorm | Fragrance Oil

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The smell of rain in Miami is a refreshing mix of tropical flora and moist air. You can smell the sweet fragrance of palm trees and the earthy aroma of wet dirt. The air is alive with the sound of thunder and lightning, as a cool breeze carries the promise of relief from the heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ialexa Plascencia
So fresh and so clean

This scent is truly a delight! This fragrance smells exactly like what you would smell if you were to come out after there has been rain. It smells sweet and tropical but clean and earthy at the same time. It has that unique scent of wet dirt with a spin. It's a comforting smell that is a go-to after a long day when you wished you were in a tropical/beachy setting.

Tabatha L.
Nice rain scent

This is a great rainy day scent. It truly smells like a rainy summer day. Hot damp air. Throw was alright in Parasoy. I wish it was stronger.

Julie Gebczyk
No words

This scent surprised me. I fell in love at first sniff. This has to stay in my inventory at all times <3 Another perfect spring/summer scent. Buy big and thank me later

different & intriguing

This scent took me by surprise. I was amazed by how it combines the sweetness of a rain shower with a hint of earthy aroma, making it unique and intriguing. It's hard to describe the exact scent, but I highly recommend trying it for yourself.

dif from new york rain

you could easily have both in your line they are so different. so new york rain is a rain fresh scent that is mostly the ozone facet of a rain storm that is feminine leaning. this one is masculine leaning that has much more of the wet ground/petrichor aspect to it. neither are true representations of the rain, but a fresh scent inspired by the rain. it is extremely strong. so strong my partner asked me to turn the wax warmer off that was in the OTHER room. not that it’s a bad scent, just the scent strength was too much for him. you could def scale back the usage on this one.