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Velvet Persimmon | Fragrance Oil


Velvet Persimmon | Fragrance Oil

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Velvet Persimmon blends the rich aromas of succulent persimmon, plush green leaves, and spiced cider, resulting in an enchanting fragrance perfect for the autumn season.

Candle Safe Yes
Skin Safe Yes
Flash Point >200°F
Phthalate Free Yes
Vanillin Free No
CA Prop 65 Compliant


IFRA Usage Rates Level/Limit
Candles - Cat 12 100%
Room Spray - Cat 10B 27.52%
Soap/Body Wash/Bath Bombs - Cat 9
Body Lotion - Cat 5A 1%
Perfume - Cat 4 3.94%

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Please note that if you are unable to locate documents for a fragrance, it means that the information is still pending and will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sarah Rana

This fragrance is exactly what I had in mind, yet couldn't put it into words. A seamless blend of richness, earthiness and freshness that invokes the comforting warmth of autumn. Can a fragrance awaken nostalgia for a time or place you've never experienced? Yes! This scent wrapped me up in familiarity and comfort that felt like coming home.

Stacy Maryland

I tried a small bottle and LOVED the smell and the hot throw. Purchased the big bottle. I’ve tried two other company’s persimmon scents and by far my favorite Doop’s. A sophisticated fruit smell.

Exquisit Scent

OOTB this was the first fragrance I decided would be part of my Fall line! I've tested over 20 fragrances. On its own this is beautiful, sweet, subtle, screams autumn. Cured for 1 week in Apricot/Coco wax, the CT is divine. Still testing the HT. Don't hesitate to try this one.

Green and juicy

OOB this is an ideal fruity fall fragrance without very very minimal spice!! Smells juicy and the green leaves come through really nicely. It's fresh and cozy at the same time.

Soooo Juicy

This is my oob (out of bottle) review. It is such a mouth watering scent. I just placed it in wax yesterday and will come back with an updated review after I have tested it. I hope the ht (hot throw) is as good as that ct (cold throw), cause baby this is a sure winner for the Fall.
This fo in soy 464 is a beast! It is so strong and fills my entire space with fragrance. The problem I am having is it does not burn very well towards the end of the candle. I plan to go down to 8% fo load and test it again! It will definitely be going into my Fall line.