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Central Park Snow | Fragrance Oil


Central Park Snow | Fragrance Oil

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Central Park Snow is a fresh winter fragrance inspired by the wintry beauty of New York’s Central Park. It combines the majestic scent of pine trees, the pristine freshness of freshly fallen snow, and the invigorating embrace of crisp winter air. This fragrance offers a sensory journey to a serene snow-covered wonderland, capturing the tranquility and natural elegance of Central Park in winter.
New York Pine
Fresh Fallen Snow
Crisp Winter Air

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wimberley Wix Candles
I cannot stop smelling this!

Please forgive a review based just on the out of bottle impression, but it's that good. I am pouring a test candle today and I cannot stop smelling this fragrance! I think this would be an exceptional year round's crisp and fresh and doesn't scream "holiday". In the distant background is a bit of pine, but it is nestled in a whisp of mint and warmth. It is truly unlike any fragrance I have every smelled--I LOVE it!

Paul S.
one of my fav winter scents

this one is hard to describe, but really nails the snowy day feeling without being overwhelming peppermint. it’s a clean feeling of snow if that makes sense. other scents smell like pine and peppermint, somehow this has those notes but evokes the feeling of snow without just smelling pine and peppermint.

Another hit

This one literally smells like snow and woods, this one is a great one for a seasonal line

Tabatha Lopez
Cold air

This literally smells like cold air and trees. Great throw in Parasoy wax.

Anthony Berryhill_OKC
Great Addition to my Winter Line

This fragrance oil reminds me of shopping in a high-end retail store during the holidays. This fragrance oil has a strong CT and HT. I have just about wrapped up my testing with this FO and have added it to my winter line.