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Desert Cashmere (Limited Edition) | Fragrance Oil


Desert Cashmere (Limited Edition) | Fragrance Oil

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Desert Cashmere takes you on a journey through the serene Moroccan dunes. It opens with the calming blend of Moroccan Lavender and luxurious Cashmere, transitions into a heart of exotic Ylang-Ylang and sweet Vanilla Crystals, and settles into a warm base of Desert Amber and Sandalwood Musk.

Inspired by MorrocanOil’s Brumes du Maroc


Top Moroccan Lavender, Cashmere
Middle Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla Crystals
Bottom Desert Amber, Sandalwood Musk

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Customer Reviews

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Jen K
almost there

This is a really nice clean fragrance, lovely in it's own right! However I was hoping for a more spot-on replica of Brumes du Maroc as it's a favorite of mine. This has a bit less amber-y warmth to it than the original and a bit more of a prominent clean note... (note, I have only trialed in perfume). Don't be afraid to use this as-is, it's a really nice FO, but I'd also love to see a revision to make a second version like they did with St. Barts!

Great in CP soap

Smells fantastic and behaves well in CP soap! And no discoloration so far, but it’s only been several hours. I hope this one comes back!