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Kashmiri Chai | Fragrance Oil


Kashmiri Chai | Fragrance Oil

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Kashmiri Chai is a traditional tea drink orginating from Jammu & Kashmir. It has notes of green tea leaves, milk, rose petals, anise, cardamom, crushed almond and pistachio. It’s known for its comforting aroma and pink color!


Top Mountain Green Tea
Middle Velvety Milk Accord, Damask Rose Petals, Spiced Anise
Bottom Cardamom, Roasted Pistachio

Candle Safe  Skin Safe  
Flashpoint 195 °F
Phthalate Free
Vanillin Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kashmiri Chai

I have purchased this FO over and over without leaving a review. I adore this FO! It’s fantastic on its’ own but makes a phenomenal blender! It has a killer CT 5/5 and HT 5/5! I hope DOOP never discontinues this FO…it’s spicy and has such depth, but you can also blend with a softer FO and blow people’s minds! Gorgeous DOOP! Thank you so very much! Buy this! I certainly will continue to purchase!

Beth Fuller
Unique scent with strong CT and HT

This scent is completely different than what I was expecting, but I love it! It doesn't come across as a gourmand scent, but more like a high-end men's cologne. Just 8% in coco-apricot wax and CT and HT are both crazy strong.

Destiny L
The Best Tea Scent

Please, never discontinue this scent!! I kept smelling it over & over again. It’s so captivating, and definitely a unique scent, I haven’t smelled in a while.

Stacy Maryland
Different in a good way

Kashmiri Chai is nuanced and seductive. It has spice and balance w/ a sweet floral from the rose petals. Personally, I love it. It’s unique. I poured two weeks ago and have been having a difficult time waiting for the candles to cure.

Anna Rodriguez
A luxe tea blend

I've falken deep in love with this blend. It's such a mature nuanced blend with the undertone of tea that I'm just in awe. It throws incredibly well at 9%. As a tea master with my own craft, I'm constantly searching for great tea fos to use in candles and this one is top tier. I didn't think tea scents could be cozy and sexy but apparently, someone did. And I'm here for all of it.