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Marshmallow Musk | Fragrance Oil


Marshmallow Musk | Fragrance Oil

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Marshmallow Musk combines the scent of cold milk and marshmallow with the warmth of mahogany, the sweetness of tonka bean, and the sensuality of white musk.

Inspired by Commodity’s Milk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This is such a lovely, beautiful scent. It's marshmallow and smoke. It's perfectly balanced and suitable for both genders. This is definitely a favorite.

Sugared Musk

I buy oils for perfumes. Waiting for IFRA information. I sometimes test on fabric while waiting for IFRA. Have not tested this one because it smells super strong OTB and I’m a bit unsure. Maybe good for a room spray. To me it smells masculine but also sweet.

Kimberly C.
Sexy Mallow Mood!

My first sniff, I found the scent combines the sweet, fluffy essence of marshmallows with a subtle, musky depth, creating a captivating and unique fragrance that's very alluring. It also creates a comforting and sensual vibe that's perfect for cozy evenings. So, start making your candles and room sprays for that sultry and snuggle night with your honey.

Kay P.
Change of mind💜

When I smelled it out of the bottle it was just okay. I decided to put it in wax and OMG this scent is amazing. Definitely going in my line.

Gourmand scent with a touch of sensuality

I love this so much! This will add to my comfort list in scents. I've been wanting a marshmallow scent and have been waiting for the perfect one to buy and then this happened. It opens up to a sweet and fluffy scent of marshmallow which creates a sense of comfort and indulgence and then you're hit with the base notes that add warmth and sensual depth. Another cozy scent is done well by Doop. It's sophisticated yet playful and definitely a crowd-pleaser!