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Pink Diamond | Fragrance Oil


Pink Diamond | Fragrance Oil

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Pink Diamond is an exquisite floral fragrance that effortlessly blends the captivating warmth of pink pepper and saffron with the delicate elegance of Bulgarian rose and royal lily florals. This fragrance is further enriched by the soothing notes of sandalwood, the enchanting allure of golden amber, and the vibrant zest of sparkling bergamot.

Inspired by Kayali’s Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amanda Vigil
Pink Diamond

I am In LOVE! 💕💕💕

Just ok

After reading the reviews I was super excited to get it, but I honestly wasn’t impressed. It smells like a perfume that would come from a Liz Taylor collection. It definitely is geared more towards a certain age range. It doesn’t smell bad by any means, but it’s definitely giving Liz Taylor and strong perfumey vibes. I saw someone else’s review about it potentially gaining popularity being the next popular one behind baccarat if you feel that one is too played out, which is ultimately what led me to buy it, and I would have to respectfully disagree with that. Baccarat gained popularity because it’s really for an age range, this one would not gain that level of popularity with a younger 20-30 YO age group.

Tammy Howard
Awesome Scent

Smells wonderful

I hope it’s here to stay

I recently sent this out to my monthly subscription box members and they absolutely loved it. It’s one of my new favorites. I hope it stays so I can add it permanently. It’s beautiful and throws so well

Paul S.
very sweet perfume

if baccarat is too played out for you def give this one a try. I could see this one taking over the popularity of baccarat. it’s a very sweet lux feminine leaning perfume type. very strong. it’s a bit to sweet for me. but when I was testing it on my wax warmer my partner asked for a candle of it. he also loved the first version of doop’s baccarat. there’s def a market for this type of scent