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Raspberry Milk | Fragrance Oil


Raspberry Milk | Fragrance Oil

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Dive into an embrace of delicate rose syrup, the vibrant tang of sun-kissed crushed raspberries, and the comforting finale of velvety milk.

Rose Syrup
Crushed Raspberries 
Creamy Milk

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Customer Reviews

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Best Seller

This was recently introduced to my shop since I make fun perfumes. This one has become a best seller. It smells similar to Nestle strawberry milk (but raspberry). SO GOOD!

Majorly Discolored CP soap

Smells decent but wouldn’t be a go-to.
I wanted to do a white and pink swirled soap with this, and added an appropriate amount of TD, but as soon as I added this FO it discolored to yellow. This has continued darkening to a dark turmeric-brownish orange, so that was disappointing! I wish the descriptions had notes on performance in CP soaps like Brambleberry has.

Paul S.
absolutely, positively without a doubt OBSESSED!

omgosh I love raspberry scents and was so excited about this one. for some reason I thought this one would be a lighter scent and i’m so happy to discover that it is not. it is strong and long lasting. I had this one going in my office all day yesterday and it lasted from morning to bed time. it is the deepest most tangy raspberry that is not too sour because it’s calmed down some from the most scrumptious creamy milk note. I don’t pick up any rose. it is not the most complex scent, but it is top tier quality fruity gourmand scent. I don’t know what aroma chemicals doop is using that other suppliers over look, but damn they are good!


I've been looking for a good raspberry scent and this definitely hit the mark but with a twist. I immediately smell the sweet and tangy raspberries that's mellowed out with a creamy undertone of the milk. You get a feeling of nostalgic comfort. I knew exactly what I wanted to use this in. I think this can be great in both candles and bath products, particularly scrubs.