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Steamed Milk | Fragrance Oil


Steamed Milk | Fragrance Oil

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The scent of hot and frothy steamed milk with a hint of vanilla!
You can actually smell the steam!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Started Off Nice, But Turned To Perfume

When I first got it it smelled like a subtle vanilla which is what I was looking for but after keeping it for only a week before actually using it for candles, I smelled it again and it smelled very perfumy? I don't know what happened or why it happened, but I think I'll continue my quest for the perfect milk scent elsewhere. I'll still look forward to trying other fragrance oils here, but yeah this one missed it.

Joey Dalusio
Too much steam.

I wanted to love this and even v tried mixing it... but the steam smell is just too much. Its not steam like from milk to me but from ironing. That's the steam I smell. I can't say this is a favorite but I will use it make a candle with a heavy frankincense and palo.

Great Blender

I love this scent! It smells nice on its own, sweet milky, and a bit powdery. I like to use it as a blender. Will for sure grab a bigger bottle of this!

milk and sugar

I love this scent!! It's a creamy, milky vanilla with a slightly powdery undertone. Sooo comforting and lovely. It blends beautifully with any of the boba scents, fruit or floral fragrances. I keep a small bottle for blending purposes, but I'm thinking of testing some candles with this scent by itself. I hope this one doesn't get discontinued!!


What magic is this?!? Full disclosure... I did not like the oob scent of this one. I put it aside and came back to it. Started using it and was BLOWN AWAY. It is a sweet (but not super sweet), milky scent with notes that I cannot describe. It's just so good... I'm in love. Bought a big bottle. Hope that this one sticks around permanently. I do not make CP soap, but do make a variety of body care items and its so good.