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Ube Macaron | Fragrance Oil


Ube Macaron | Fragrance Oil

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Savour the delicate flavours of Filipino Ube in a classic French Macaron shell. The light and airy texture is complemented by a creamy, rich ube buttercream filling.

Candle Safe  Skin Safe  
Flashpoint >200°F
Phthalate Free
Contains Vanillin

Customer Reviews

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Paul S.

*originally posted on ‘the fragrance oil community’ facebook group*

🕯Fragrance Oil Performance Review🧼
Fragrance Oil used in: wax melts
Fragrance name: ube macaron
Supplier name: doop
Hot throw (1-10): 8
Cold throw (1-10): 10
Fragrance appeal (1-10): 10
Warmer type/wattage: 24 watt hot plate
Amount of wax melted (for melts): 2 cubes
% of fragrance used: 12%
Wax type: 454
Cure time: 2 weeks
Approx room size: home office
Shipping time to receive: couple days
Written review:
This one smells sooo dang yummy. i’m not usually the biggest fan of straight gourmand scents, but this one I absolutely love. it’s not your typical gourmand scent. it’s not as sweet as many of them can be. it’s the type of scent that I would consider vanilla adjacent. not quite as soft and sweet, but in the same realm. there’s this toasted starchiness to it that is so pleasant. it’s creamy and savory, but not at all heavy like many bakery vanilla scents can be. I also have a feeling this one is going to make a very good blender that can substitute any vanilla in a blend. it’s very strong without any plasticky notes that many vanillas can have. blend it with any bakery scent to add throw and savoriness. you could add it to any pine, citrus or overly sharp scent to calm it down some. this one works year round. I think it would work best in wax and soap products.

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